Nov 25, 2009

On the Subject of Thanksgiving

My family is wisely celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday this year, as it's much better for everyone's disparate schedules to do our fooding in a weekendly fashion. So I'm heading homeward early tomorrow morning for some well-deserved, (not-quite-)total relaxation. Alas, coursework and projects follow me even to the sacred ground of Home.

I am always unduly excited about this holiday in particular. The weather is crappy, it's dark all the time, and school is just heading into the hectic final stretch: it can leave a person of average good cheer feeling like so much wet cardboard. But just then, along comes Thanksgiving with warmth and light and family and enough saturated fat to ensure a safe hibernation. It is a needed boost to help us remember what we have even during gray times.

For those not in the know, Thanksgiving is a noble and illustrious American tradition. Allow me to provide you with an illuminating diagram.


I wish you all warmth, comfort and ample foodings, and I invite you to use this occasion to reflect upon all the things you are thankful for this season.

Nov 24, 2009

Library of Mongress

In honor of the Australian tradition of Movember (Mustache November), gonnabe librarians proudly presents Great Mustaches of the LOC. That's right: flickr uers decided to tag their favorite mustaches in the photographs posted by the Library of Congress. Now the whole world can enjoy these fine figures of men - and their mustaches.

Nov 23, 2009

Eco, the Louvre, and lists

Did Umberto Eco miss his calling as a librarian? Okay, I doubt it, but Gonnabe Librarians might like to see what he has to say about lists and Google searches. The title, but it's a direct quote, so we'll excuse it, won't we?

We Like Lists Because We Don't Want To Die

Nov 18, 2009

Some Librarians Write Books Too!

Sometimes when I tell people that I'm going to become a librarian, the room becomes silent, the crickets buzz, followed by a gulp and an "oh." After their mental recovery, they might say something like "what kind of job will you have?", assuming that I'll wear triangular glasses and my hair in a bun.

The stereotype almost seems like a cliche at this point. Some of the same people who ask me what I'm going to be are going to be things like lawyers or businessmen. I snicker a bit inside because I know I won't face the pressure of failing as a lawyer or my company embezzling money and having to go to jail. (muhahaha)

The worst that could happen to me is that a patron becomes a little hostile or the little sticker comes off the binding of a book and my mind implodes at the sight of uncategorization.

General people do have these stereotypes that I love me some books. WOOO HOO gimme dem books. I love 'em. And sadly I do, a little, but more than that I like writing. I want to write books. I want to write a librarian character who takes over the world or who makes more money than a doctor or who just simply punches people in the face who stammer, "oh librarian, eh? what you gonna do with that?"

In fact, many times when people ask me, "why do you want to be a librarian?" I reply, "to be a writer." You can't just graduate with a degree in writing, magically sit down write your first piece and have enough money to pay of your loans, buy a house, marry the girl next door, divorce that bitch and then afford little brats. A writer needs to sustain her or himself, which means working at Wendy's or shoveling blacktop, or becoming a librarian etc.

That doesn't mean I'm some poser. I don't have to sneak around a library or classroom and ACT by randomly blurting things like DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM for approving nods from my cohort of "nerds" while the teacher's eyes roll back in their heads as they cream their pants. No, I study librarianship because that's what I have to do to survive. It's a morbid truth. Would I rather have the ability to sit at home and write everyday until I die even without making any money? Absolutely.

On the flip side, that life seems f'in boring. Yes, I want to write everyday, be accomplished, published, etc. But I want to work with people and do something fun, new and exciting like working in a library. And sometimes after a hard divorce or diarrhea you really don't want to be sitting all alone in a room with a computer and a blinking cursor on a white document page. I would so much rather be working in a library wearing a kilt, triangular glasses, a Hilter mustache and my hair in a bun.

Nov 3, 2009

More Comics!

I'm continuing fellow author Natalie's post by providing you with another dose of comics. Huzzah!

The first is Piled Higher and Deeper, or PhD comics. It's about grad students working towards their doctorates. Although the library students on this blog aren't PhD students, the comic is eerily accurate for those of us (like myself) who work as research assistants. And I actually found out about this webcomic through a library, so that makes it even more relevant, somehow.

The second and final offering for today is actually just a not-so-safe-for-work storyline within a larger not-so-safe-for-work webcomic: Diesel Sweeties took a brief if entertaining trip into the land of sexy librarian stereotypes. Hello, Library Anne!

Nov 2, 2009

Library Students in Toronto Take it Outside

Is it a bad sign that I'm posting something about another library school on a blog that supposed to be about SU library students? Let me tell you why I'm about to do just that:

1. Only one person has sent me Halloween photos so I can't start my "Library School Gets Scary" slide show. (Thanks, Heather, for your surly pumpkin. Fie on the rest of you!)

2. I haven't even started editing my "Why do you want to be a librarian" video, and probably won't get it done until Christmas. Of 2012.

3. After a whirlwind of excellent introductions by our fabulous new authors...BUPKIS! The silence is deafening.

So until our next wave of hilarious, outrageous, image-busting effrontery about the goings-on of Gonnabe Librarians at SU, click on the Varsity link below for an article about library students in Toronto takin' it outside. I figure we could do the same thing, and then I'll make a video of it and put music over it and add some lame captions, and voila! Another crappy video for Gonnabe Librarians!

P.S. Just received Halloween photo #2. (Thanks, Lauren!) Maybe I need to meditate on the virtue of patience.