Sep 8, 2011

Okay, so it's not the end.

I have no need to shut down Gonnabe Librarians yet, as I'm still looking for work and have decided that you're not a librarian until you're paid for it. Diploma, shmiploma. (That would be really hard to say out loud. Schmiploma. If I were actually talking instead of writing I'd say, "Diploma, ship......shid.......shdip.......Paper, schmaper.")

So fear not, faithful fans! All three of you can rest easy, as I am ready to grasp, once again, the blogging reins! My steadfast hubby and stouthearted children and intrepid pets are ensconced in the land of enchantment, and my heart is heavy no more! Sadly, the library locals are not nearly as impressed by me as I am, and not one of the eight resumes I sent out has resulted in an interview. Am I crushed? No! Shall I persist, undaunted and unafraid? Yes!

Meanwhile, here's my favorite new thing: The Little Free Library. It's where you can buy a tiny house for books that anyone can put out anywhere. It's like Give-a-Penny-Take-a-Penny but with books! And it's adorable!  I mean, look at this:

Is that cute, or what?!