Nov 2, 2009

Library Students in Toronto Take it Outside

Is it a bad sign that I'm posting something about another library school on a blog that supposed to be about SU library students? Let me tell you why I'm about to do just that:

1. Only one person has sent me Halloween photos so I can't start my "Library School Gets Scary" slide show. (Thanks, Heather, for your surly pumpkin. Fie on the rest of you!)

2. I haven't even started editing my "Why do you want to be a librarian" video, and probably won't get it done until Christmas. Of 2012.

3. After a whirlwind of excellent introductions by our fabulous new authors...BUPKIS! The silence is deafening.

So until our next wave of hilarious, outrageous, image-busting effrontery about the goings-on of Gonnabe Librarians at SU, click on the Varsity link below for an article about library students in Toronto takin' it outside. I figure we could do the same thing, and then I'll make a video of it and put music over it and add some lame captions, and voila! Another crappy video for Gonnabe Librarians!

P.S. Just received Halloween photo #2. (Thanks, Lauren!) Maybe I need to meditate on the virtue of patience.


Nicole said...

I have no Halloween photos! I was not exciting enough this year.

Shander said...

Okay, Nicole--you're off the hook on the photo thing!

Katy said...

I love this idea! Maybe in Syracuse you want to wait for Spring before implementing though... gives you time to plan. :)