Oct 28, 2009

The Merry Librarian ROCKS!

So I just got an email from the Merry Librarian because I'd emailed her to let her know I found her blog and LOVE IT and that I was linking to it and posting about it on this blog so all y'all Gonnabe Librarians already working in libraries might send her funny stories (deep breath) and guess what? She emailed me back and said she would put a link to Gonnabe Librarians on her site. AND SHE DID! So now we have two - count them, TWO - links to other awesome librarian blogs! Woo hoooooooooo! Now your job, you Gonnabe Librarians who already work in libraries, is to send her your funny/sick/too-good-to-true-but-they-really-are library stories. Like chickens and teenagers in book drops. And crazy old ladies asking where the porn section is. PLUS, you can vote for her as a Blog to Read in 2010 through LisNews.org. But if you vote for her and then don't vote for this blog too, I'll come after you. And I know where all of you live. Or at least where your classes are.

1 comment:

Katy said...

Okay, the site is very amusing but I will NEVER set foot inside a Colorado library! I am also brokenhearted over the barbecued chickens. They had food and water in there for a reason - someone wanted them to be loved!!