Feb 7, 2010

Book Club Burlesque

Am I dead? Is this heaven? I got a tip from a friend and fellow future librarian about this delicious piece of not-so-bookish-and-yet-clearly-brainy-in-a-bizarre-and-subversive-sort-of-way entertainment. The article appears in the New Yorker, no less, in their Book Bench section. It's called Fiction Fetish, and it's got to be brilliant. It's a burlesque show with a stripping librarian, and was created by artists who idolize Edward Gorey and the Brothers Grimm, and "plan to dedicate shows to Amy Sedaris and Chuck Palahniuk."

Books and dancing and sex and Sedarises. I mean, come ON!


Hezaa said...

I've lived close to the city my whole life, and I have to find out about this now, when I live five hours away?! (insert interrobang here)

Anonymous said...

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