Feb 2, 2010


Well, it's finally happened. What with the other blog, and writing assignments, and updating the Lessons Learned page on the personal website I had to create for a class, and keeping up with the discussion boards on our learning management system, I've finally hit a wall. I have actually run out of things to say.

But never fear, dear reader! (I know there's a reader out there somewhere. I can hear you breathing.) Here's my plan for today: pointers to stuff I've looked at recently and either a) snickered at or b) cried over or c) wrote myself and am THAT shamelessly promoting.

Let's get the shameless promotion out of the way, then: Library Class: Boon or Bane?

Now check out this list of librarians doing Michael Jackson's Thriller. Actually, that pointer comes from a pointer from the Infomaven's Desktop, which is a pretty cool blog, in case you haven't seen it. Anyway, the Thriller dance is a rite of passage for librarians around the world. Kind of like circumcision except the only thing that gets cut off is your dignity. I know that when I finally get a library job I WILL be forced to do the Thriller dance, and I WILL like it. (Actually, I really will like it. I even learned it once already. Back when it wasn't a cool bit of nostalgia but was actually cool.)

Here's why I'm pretty much terrified about losing my internship at the NYPL this summer: NYC Loves Libraries. Read this article for details about that ugly picture. And if you want to get even more depressed, you can see Obama's take on the real value of school libraries.
Say it ain't so, Barack! Say it ain't so!

Here's a video created by the Central New York library Resources Council in response to the fourth cut in two years. FOURTH funding cut! In TWO YEARS! WTF?!

But lest I leave you, dear reader, ready to slit your wrists in the bathtub, allow me to point you to a video that a fellow student pointed me to last semester. It's the only one I can watch over and over and over because it's THAT CUTE. And God, I need cute right now, because the future for librarians is looking pretty damn ugly.

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Katy said...

I was so disturbed by the number of people in that video who can't count to 5, and the President's apparent ignorance of the importance of libraries, that I had to revive my optimism with several viewings of Surprised Kitten! *sigh* What is this world coming to?

Boy could I use an interrobang here...