Oct 21, 2009

The Secret Life of Librarians

Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm the newest addition to the gonnabe librarians crew. I'm originally from the Syracuse area, and I'd really like to become a special collections reference librarian.

Some of you out there are probably wondering what library students like to do for fun. I have a lot of interests, but I'll provide a sampling.

One of my hobbies is hugging mascots:
Giant Blueberry 'n' Me

I'm currently trying to learn Arabic, and I enjoy listening to Arabic music:

And I also love Korean karaoke:

So that's a brief look at a library student's hobbies! Hope you enjoyed it.


Xiaoou Cheng(Carly) said...
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Xiaoou Cheng(Carly) said...

Brace try to learn Arabic, what makes you interested? Maybe someday you will learn Chinese:-p

BTW, have you ever hugged Otto?

Nicole said...

I have hugged Otto! Numerous times!

Shander said...

Now I want pink hair!