Oct 19, 2009


So fellow author, Claire, and I were thinking what we really need is a five minute dance party before our classes. She very kindly looked for library songs that were danceable, and guess what...bupkis! They were totally NOT danceable, so I thought I'd do some more searching and why I looked on YouTube I'll never know except that I just looooooove YouTube and all the weird, stupid things you come across. And library raves are one of those weird, stupid things, except they're not that weird. And they're not even that stupid. I guess they'd be called AWESOME! If you like jumping up and down while being smashed against thousands of other people jumping up and down. Which I don't. But these videos make me wish I did.

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Becky Shander said...

Everyone's gotta let their energy out from time to time. And I imagine that dancing would be the perfect fix for students who spend a lot of time exercising their brains. Balance is good.