Oct 16, 2009

gimmicky librarian wares

Many of you have probably seen this.

She Blinded Me with Library Science

It's a shirt from this nerdy webcomic that I totally have never read.



Shander said...

Now I know what to get my husband for Christmas. (Not a sexy doctor/cello. The t-shirt!) And will this be your next tattoo?

Thanks for posting, Mason! We needed some testosterone on this blog!

Hezaa said...

Ohhh. Mason, how could you. I have totally read that nerdy webcomic, and I was totally thinking of getting one of those shirts so that I could be Cool and Ahead of the Trend. You gave me away. :)

Becky said...

Whoa, this music video takes me back...way back! I suppose the sexy librarian thing is timeless - can't go wrong with having some brains along with good looks!