Jan 18, 2010

Let's try this again....

So I posted a thing asking if people want to contribute to Gonnabe Librarians, but instead of posting it right away I waited awhile, and then when I finally posted it showed up on it's original save date, which meant it was below a couple of haikus, so who know if anyone saw it. At least, that's what I hoping is the reason for NO RESPONSES WHATSOEVER.

So here it is again, hopefully at the top of the page:

WANTED: Distance students

Do you like to write? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you gonna be a librarian? You, too, can join Gonnabe Librarians and write about life as an SU student, from the sunny climes of Cali to the sweltering summers of Savannah! (On-campus students: you're not off the hook.)

No, you won't get paid. No, you won't be thrust into the spotlight of celebrity bloggers and asked to write a book. But if we ever manage to get a link from the iSchool you just might get an audience of librarians and students and professors who may or may not appreciate your sense of humor and think it's value added. Hey, it could happen! Meanwhile, we have our fans. Okay, not fans, but followers. Okay, only a few followers, but we're working our asses off here - okay, maybe not working our asses off, but at least one of us is having a really good time!

Think you have nothing to say? Think again! We're not looking for art or thoughtful analysis or anything. No serious library-related ponderings or predictions for the field or lessons learned. Just hoping to show the world what library students are all about. Mainly because we're bored.

Doing a semester overseas? (You know who you are.) Make your fellow students green with envy - post photos of exotic Germany here!!

Living in paradise? Make the campus students cry as they watch yet another foot of snow cover their cars!!

Find a story about unusual librarians, like Megabeth, the 53-year-old, 5 ft. tall librarian roller derby girl, or the surprisingly intricate and well-rehearsed book cart drill teams? Got a good library limerick? Make a video? Wear librarian glasses? Post it here so we can all reap the benefits of healing laughter (or shock and awe, or horrified disgust) as we slog through another semester of library school!!!

Got your own blog? That's okay, too! Post a sentence or two about it, and throw in a link. We're happy to serve as a pointer, if it means you'll give us a pointer now and then. Seriously. We're not proud. We'll beg if we have to. We're looking for traffic, here, not just screaming into the void. Okay, we probably are screaming into the void, like all the other billions of bloggers out there, but we can dream of going viral, can't we?

So if you're funny or entertaining or remotely interesting (or at least think you are), and you're an SU library student living anywhere, and you want to be added as an author, email me (Shander) at esbawden@syr.edu. I promise I won't harass you or anything. Not much, anyway. Not enough for a restraining order, at least.


Amanda Acquard said...

Have no worries Shander. I have my trusty Flip ready and charged for awesome video of warm, sunny... okay same weather as here Hamburg in the German Northland;-) I shall title my posts - I'm in Germany and you're not lol

Shander said...

YAY, Amanda! If anyone comes through, you will! I can't wait to see Germany, even though I'll be sitting here in Syracuse.