Jan 21, 2010

iSchool blogging

So I have another writing gig! I'm going to be a blogger for the official iSchool blog, called "Information Space." My first post is Dance Librarians: Mythical Creatures or Merely Extinct?

I am, of course, thrilled and delighted and honored. I mean, the fact that they gave me a chance to write for them after reading this blog is pretty astounding, and I am truly humbled. But will I give up Gonnabe Librarians for the hallowed halls of the academy? Hell, no! And do you want to know why? I'm sure you're just dying to know. I can hear the crickets, which is a clear indication of a tomb-like silence, which means maybe all y'all have died already....Do you sense a theme lately?....Anyway, when I got the official word that I would actually be allowed to write for the iSchool, they said they had only one hard-and-fast rule: no swearing.

To which I replied, "WHAT THE FUCK?! Isn't this a university? And a library school? Don't they uphold the rights of free fucking speech and no censorship and shit?!"

I didn't really say that, because I'm not a total moron. But I thought it for a second, before I rememebered that the iSchool has a reputation to maintain, and they need to be professional. And this blog is SO NOT professional it's ridiculous. I mean, I won't even be able to point people to it when I start job-hunting, which kind of makes me wonder if I should maybe rethink the whole thing. Hmmmmmm. HELL, NO! I'M KEEPING IT!

Anyway, I hope you'll check out my posts on Information Space every week. I can't say what day or anything, because I'm not that organized. (Does that mean I'll be a crappy librarian?) But that's what RSS feeds are for!

And as for Gonnabe Librarians, I might take out that final 's' because right now it's just me, but actually I have a plan to get other students more involved. It involves stalking and video cameras, though, so I think I'll shut up now. And I'll plead the 5th if you have me arrested.


Anonymous said...

I'm on your side, but I'm your dad so maybe I should shut up too.

Anonymous said...

I love "colorful language", but I'm your mom so maybe I should shut up, too.

Chrissy said...

Congrats on the blogging job!

It's strange that their only rule is no swearing...one of our colleagues got a lot of flack for writing negatively about the iSchool's lack of on campus courses for MSLIS students. The administration, from what I heard, was pretty upset about it. I would think that an official blog would be more concerned with marketing the school and maintaining a positive image.

Nicole said...

I plan to show this to people when I'm job-hunting. I've labeled all my entries with myself to facilitate that.

Did I just type "facilitate"? Ouch.

Katy said...

I really wanted to leave a comment on the "official" site after sitting here laughing hysterically as I read your first post, and by the way I tried to leave a comment there after reading your post that mentions me in such a flattering light, but I can't figure out the goddamn "Open URL" thing and there were no fucking directions that made any sense to my shitty technologically challenged brain and so it's probably better that I'm leaving this particular comment on the "colorful" blog after all... :)