May 20, 2010

Gonnabe Librarian’s Log – PubDate 5/20/2010

One week from tomorrow, on the PubDate of 5/28/2010, I embark on a month-long assignment in New York City. My mission? To work as an intern for the New York Public Library, in the Jerome Robbins Dance Archive. I will master the art of film and video processing for said archive, and become a world-class archivist of the moving image, giving me the power to RULE THE MOVING IMAGE ARCHIVE WORLD! But this position affords me an equally opportunistic ... um ... opportunity: to leap headfirst into the secret mission given me by my alter-ego, for whom I work undercover under the guise of a loving but impatient mother and devoted but moody wife, but who actually has enacted a hostile takeover of my subconsciousness and rules my every stupid move. The secret mission? To learn ballroom and latin dancing, and remake myself in the image of Cheryl Burke or Edyta Sliwinska and RULE THE BALLROOM FLOOR! I confess, however, to not a little trepidation and angst, for I fear I will look less like Cheryl and Edyta, and more like Cloris Leachman. Ah, the pain…..

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Kristen said...

Sounds perfect! Have a great time, Shander!