Oct 3, 2009

When Reference Interviews Go Wrong

By our illustrious iSchool colleague, Rose

This is the first installment of a serial story. Watch this space for the amazing adventures and terrifying travails of the heroic reference librarian! (Now you're committed, Rose!)

The car screeched around the corner on two wheels; barely missing the pedestrians waiting for the light to change. Several cars back, the police raced along the street avoiding traffic while trying to keep up with the speeding sedan. Popping noises were going off from somewhere as if people were throwing firecrackers into the road. I couldn’t believe this was occurring all around me.

“Geez,Louise! “ I thought,” I should be in back at the reference desk right now answering questions, not running for my life. What the hell happened?”

I swerved to miss a woman pushing a baby carriage in the street just like in the movies. I could still hear the police sirens behind me; they sounded closer.

Where was the turnoff to the bridge? If I could just get to that before they caught up with me I might make it out of the city and really hightail it once I reached the countryside. Then the only thing stopping me would be the amount of gas in the tank. Fortunately I had filled up that morning.

That seemed like ages ago. I remember feeding my cat then rushing so as not to be late opening up the library for our early morning customers. Who knew that the first patron’s request for information would lead to this cascade of events culminating in me fleeing for my life.

“Come on, come on, I know you’re out there.” I was talking out loud now; a sure sign that I was losing my usual librarian’s sang froid. Up ahead I could see the bridge looming into view. If I planned this right I could make it. I gripped the steering wheel tightly and pressed down hard on the accelerator pedal. The car lunged forward aiming straight for the bridge.

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