Oct 7, 2009

Gimme an L!

I just linked to this blog from my other blog. The one we're doing for SU so they can spy do an ongoing survey of our thoughts as we meander through our classes. Is that pathetic? Not the spying surveying part. The linking to myself part. I think that's pathetic. But you know why I did it? Because according to Google THERE ARE NO LINKS TO THIS BLOG! Google is wrong, of course, because we just got a link from the effing librarian (YAAAAAAAAY! Thanks, Ef!) But still, just to motivate all y'all to put a link from your blog to Gonnabe Librarians, here's a cheer:

Gimme an 'L'!
Gimme an 'I'!
Gimme an 'N' and a 'K'!
Links! We need links!
Hip hip, hooray!
Do it today, okay?
Want money? I'll pay!

Don't be a fink--link today!

Now I need a picture of a chipper, shiny cheerleader but I learned in library school that finding a picture on Google and copying and pasting it is illegal. I'd do it anyway, but now I feel like I can't because I'm a librarian in training and that would just be bad. Bad library student! Bad!


Xiaoou Cheng(Carly) said...

Link created!

Check it out: http://of-time-and-freedom.blogspot.com/

Shander said...

Thanks for coming through for me, Carly! And right back atcha! (See SU blogs.)

Becky said...

Shander, perhaps you should dress up as a cheerleader for Halloween. Rah! Rah!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, you mean I am BREAKING THE LAW every time I use a Google image for work???? Bad elementary school teacher, BAD!

Harriet Brown said...

And I am breaking the law every time I use a Google image on my blog? Bad blogger! BAD!