Jul 25, 2009

Thank you, Masked Librarian

So, I follow a lot of librarians on Twitter and they're not what you'd expect. Okay, some of them are exactly what you'd expect, but not The Masked Librarian! Thanks to him I learned about @ALAsecrets and the subversive, even perverted goings-on at the ALA conference (not telling my husband, as I intend to go next year), and about pranks to play on patrons involving decaf coffee, and about where to get cool librarian gear. (CLICK). And that there is such a thing as librarian gear. And that Chicago is more crowded than Montana. And, of course, he found this old ad on Flickr for cigarettes about how a Tiparillo might just get you laid by a sexy librarian and so I'm blogging it. Because I have nothing else to blog about. Because I've spent the last 48 hours reading Atlas Shrugged so I can enter an essay contest and try to pay for the rest of my tuition. I think Ayn Rand would plotz if she lived now. But, I digress.

Twitter...gotta love it. Even if you really don't want to.

1 comment:

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